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Short Automaton was inspired by some of the great Python developers in the SEO community. Many people have learned to automate work and innovate at scale through the tutorials and guides posted on their sites. This site strives to give back to the community with more guides and projects that new programmers can lean on to develop their skills.

The site will not be limited to Python or SEO. It’s also not limited to a single writer. Short Automaton will cover tips for using Excel and Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and other BI platforms, advanced use of tools like Screaming Frog, Google Colab, and Streamlit, and hopefully provide projects written in R. Other writers are welcome to send their ideas and projects in via the contact form and we’ll start a conversation to get your posts published and attributed to you!

Please follow @ShortAutomaton on Twitter to see what we’re working on!

Short Automaton is hosted on GreenGeeks, a 300% green hosting platform. We’re proud to be a part of an eco-friendly web environment and they’re the best web hosting company I’ve used!

Short Automaton does participate in affiliate programs. Please see the Affiliate Disclosure for more details.

Who is Sal?

Sal is the robotic mascot of the site. Sal got his name by being the Short Automaton Logo.

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Eric Heiken

My name is Eric Heiken. I’ve done a lot of different things in my career that I feel have given me an advantage when it comes to problem solving. I started my career doing SEO and I’ve come back to doing SEO, but if you’ve talked with me at any length about my professional life, I don’t keep it a secret that I considered entirely changing my career and heading toward Data Science. I took courses on DataCamp that introduced me to Python. After deciding I couldn’t take a pay cut at this point in my life, I started implementing Python in my everyday work. I automated work, I pulled big data at scale and visualized it, and built tools that gave me an edge over the competition.

I created Short Automaton, as stated earlier, to give back to the community with easy-to-use guides in a similar fashion to those that I’ve leaned on to grow. A lot of those sites are designed to be showcases for the creator’s projects and I wanted to create a space for great minds to share their projects and scripts without having to create a resume site of their own. I also personally learn a lot more in a topic by teaching it, so this site is a way for me to learn.

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