Affiliate Disclosure

Short Automaton partners with a handful of businesses for monetary compensation.

This website does not share your data with any of its partners. You can find a list of the partners we partner with in the list below.

It is important to me that I partner with businesses relevant to the topics this Short Automaton covers. It’s also important to me that I believe in the products or services that my partners provide and I can give first-hand accounts of my experience using them.

Since this website is a personal project, I’m not in it for the profit. As a result, you can count on the fact that I personally recommend the businesses I partner with. You can verify this any time by tweeting to me @EricHeiken or @ShortAutomaton.

Interested in Partnering?

If you’re a business interested in partnering, I’m willing to have a conversation. Again, I won’t partner with a business I don’t have personal experience with or personally recommend. Please contact me via the Contact Us page.

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